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When a Legend retires: MatPat’s last Game Theory

Kennedy Keuning, Journalist March 8, 2024

Hello Internet! On April 18th, 2011, the first episode of Game Theory was released, titled, "Game Theory: Is Chrono Trigger's Time Travel Accurate?" In...

What Are Conlangs?

Kennedy Keuning, Writer October 25, 2023

Languages, chances are you know at least one. You'd have to, in order to read this. English, like most if not all of the languages you've heard of, and every* language with native speakers, is a natural...

Two Worlds - Part One

Two Worlds – Part One

Kennedy Keuning, Journalist September 14, 2023

Prologue Carson        “Carson! Come downstairs!” A voice called from below. It was his mom, so he quickly rushed downstairs to see what was going on. Had his short, blackish-brown hair...

The Secret Life of Students Pets 2 - Cats

The Secret Life of Students Pets 2 – Cats

Kennedy Keuning April 6, 2023

Cats, the small, fluffy, and adorable evil overlords of the human race. Some foolish humans welcome these tyrants into their home. Nah, just kidding, cats are great. I have three.     This...

Academic Team 2022 Season

Kennedy Keuning, Journalist February 22, 2023

The Academic Team season is over, and the scores have been totaled. Each of the six matches has all seven high schools, except this year Keystone wasn't participating, and St. John's Classical replaced...

Hurricane Ian Causing School to be Canceled

Hurricane Ian Causing School to be Canceled

Kennedy Keuning October 3, 2022

It's hurricane season in Florida, and that means hurricanes, and well, we have one. Hurricane Ian is, at the time of me writing this, a category 3 hurricane. And, as you may have already heard, school...

Secret Life of (Student) Pets

Secret Life of (Student) Pets

Kennedy Keuning, Journalist September 23, 2022

Animals, we all love them. From dogs to fish to frogs, many people have pets, including students at this school. Let's learn about the fluffy and adorable dogs of Fleming students. This is Bella,...

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