Big Changes to the Bell Schedule

Major change to the lunch schedule at FIHS.

With the new school year rapidly approaching, the upper class students at Fleming Island High School are in for one major change.  The bell schedule will be completely different!  All lunches will now be part of 5th period.  There are no more activity schedules nor are there sporadically shortened classes this year.

When telling the faculty about the new bell schedule, Mr.Pittman, principal, stated that this schedule “will preserve instruction time for all class periods.” Several students were supportive of the idea.  Caroline Morris, junior, explained “It gives us time to get help if we don’t understand something in our classes.”

While the new schedule may take some time to learn, it will be easier for incoming students and guidance alike.  Difficulties with schedule changes and figuring out lunch schedules are a thing of the past.

Students will learn their lunch times when they report to their 5th period teacher on Wednesday, August 10.

Best wishes for a successful transition and new school year!