Student Schedules are Out!


Staff Contributor

Everyone is excited for the first day of school!  The Guidance department has been working hard to complete schedules for all of the students at Fleming Island. That means they are adjusting placements, making sure that everyone has 6 classes, and that there are no conflicts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out. Students with schedule change requests need to complete this form:  2022-2023 Schedule change form flyer 

“Understand that we can not change schedules simply because students want to be in a class with their friends.” explained Mrs. Netherland the Guidance Department Chairperson. “We have close to 1900 students at Fleming and it is impossible to meet those kinds of requests.”

If you aren’t sure of your schedule, they have been posted to Synergy and both students and parents should have acess to their accounts.  Contact the school directly or the help desk online if you are unable to access Synergy.