FIHS Afterschool Drama More Than OK in “Oklahoma”!


Victoria Pires, Chief Editor

I was in for a real treat Saturday night, as I sat for the Fleming Island High Afterschool Theatre group’s production of Oklahoma! For people as clueless about the play itself, as I was… Oklahoma is a beautiful musical set in the early 1900’s, and tells the story of two pairs of love triangles shaking up a small town. Curly McLain and Laurey Williams are two stubborn kids with feelings for each other, even if they won’t admit it. However, Jud Fry, the help at Laurey’s farm, wants to make sure that confession of love never happens! Ado Annie is in the same situation, or so she thinks… Her favorite cowboy Will Parker may still be in love with her, but is her new Persian beau, Ali Hakim just as in love? I was thrilled to find out through all the mysteries, passion, and fun the kids portrayed on the stage!

The cast was perfectly chosen as well. With Colby Sad and Shelby Howell playing our main characters Curly and Laurey, they were such a beautiful contrast together. Sad’s goofy cowboy was a great complement to Howell’s soft and innocent character. The chemistry in the play was even better. Great actors can easily convince the audience there is true love on the stage and these were great actors indeed. Eden Rodriguez and Will Reilly, playing Ado Annie and Will, portrayed young love so well! The whole cast was just so energetic and there was never a dull moment when Ali Hakim (Nick Williams) was cracking another sarcastic joke.

Alongside a wonderful cast was an overall incredible play design. The set was very well done, and the light work was very impressive. A scene when Laurey is dreaming, the whole stage was lit up with bright pink and purple lights which made the scene so vivid. Costumes were the cutest, with big cowboy hats and dresses for the girls. One scene of Jud dancing with the girls had the most intricate black and pinkish-red costumes that were to die for!

This play was overall one of my favorites. The chemistry of the actors on the stage, the costumes and the creative set design, even how well prepared the actors were… it was so perfect! The Afterschool drama class was able to portray such a fun take for the audience. I’ve never had a better theater experience! Bravo!