FIHS Honors Drama Radiate Talent in “Radium Girls”


Victoria Pires, Chief Editor

I’ve never been a fan of nonfiction works, or the ones ‘based on a true story’. However, Radium Girls was an incredible exception for me! In the early 1900s, Madame Curie brought radium to a new light as a cure for cancer, at the same time, girls who painted watches with it were getting mysteriously ill. The play follows Grace Fryer and her co-workers as they fight for reparations, while her former employer Arthur Roeder goes to great lengths to cover up the scandal and deny that something that was considered a cure could be so deadly. Grace finds herself struggling to prove her case to not only the court, but to her friends and family as well.

The cast must be incredibly proud of themselves, as the play is composed of 11 actors, who all play several roles. Colby Sad was one outstanding actor in the show, playing both Charlie Lee and Dr. Von Sochocky, his quick accent changes and quick remarks were definitely a highlight. Alyssa Hein portrayed a beautiful Irene Rudolph, with so much passion on stage, that was only upstaged by her following performance playing Katherine Willey, the lawyer supporting Grace. Hein’s confidence and assertiveness was contagious. My absolute favorite part of the entire play was a short yet powerful scene between Grace (Mia Lebron) and her fiance Tom Kreider (also played by Sad!). Grace’s sickness had obviously put a damper in her daily life and her relationship, no one could’ve displayed that kind of pain and hurt the way Lebron did. There was so much emotion in her voice, I got goosebumps!

I was thoroughly impressed with how easily the cast was able to switch characters in between scenes and how realistic the set was. It was clear there was so much effort put into this production and it was a great opportunity for the Honors Seniors to do their final bow. Overall, it was a very impressive performance and the students should be very proud!