The Secret Life of Students Pets 2 – Cats

Kennedy Keuning

Cats, the small, fluffy, and adorable evil overlords of the human race. Some foolish humans welcome these tyrants into their home. Nah, just kidding, cats are great. I have three.



This is my cat, Cattain America (My mom came up with that). He is very friendly and lazy. Fun story: I’ve had to lock him out of my room because he wouldn’t stop trying to eat my shoes. He really likes to sleep and purr, and is smart enough to open doors to get where he wants to be.

This is Gemma, The Dumpster Queen. She’s one of my new cats. I’ve been told that she can be very sweet, but I’ve yet to see that for myself. She’s pretty grumpy too. She does have the largest and cutest eyes though, which always carry a concerned or angry expression.

This entity of mischief is known as Bobby, and he’s my third cat. He enjoys jumping on the counter, attention, and also going outside. He’s very vocal and loving. He’s even been wearing a bandana recently, making him look extra cute.















This is Elsa, a white cat probably named after the movie Frozen. Since she’s 6 years old, that makes sense. She’s a very shy kitty and has an endless stomach.

Sandy may appear to be judging you, and she probably is. In her four years of life, she has become known as very grumpy, but that doesn’t mean she’s mean. She is in fact quite sweet. Elsa and Sandy both belong to a  Senior named Julieta

This stinky kitty is named Apollo. He was described to me as “a stuffed animal but real life” and very nice and lovable. And adorable of course.

This is Domino. Personally, that name reminds me of the cat from the cartoon Amphibia. She is very friendly.

She is also in this photo with the sweet cat Chicken who is her sister. Both were adopted by Jiana Morrow’s family as barn cats to kill rats and other pests.

This is Yiyi, a black cat belonging to Sophomore Sadie Tesdall, the only person allowed to hold her. She can be mean- but she loves to snuggle.

This is my bestie Olivia’s cat Grif. She’s the friendliest in her house, and is very energetic and playful. She’s smart enough to know her name, always coming when you call her and is very vocal.